What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP is a set of models that allow someone to create cognitive behavioral change and build more resourceful states to achieve their goals.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, it is the language of your mind. The knowledge, experiences and memories we gain over the years leads to creating our own realities and perceptions of the world around us.

NLP is extremely useful for rapid transformation and in overcoming fears & phobias linked to flying, closed spaces, presenting/public speaking, heights, animals etc. and in helping you get rid of cravings that you are not otherwise able to. Through advanced techniques, we interrupt and disrupt the neuropathways that cause us to behave in a certain manner. This is then supported by creating new neuropathways in order to remove anxiety, fears, phobias and other negative emotions emotions.

NLP is based on the following presuppositions:

  • Respect for all others

  • The meaning of the communication is not simply what you intend, but also the response that you get

  • The mind and body affect each other

  • People respond to their experience, not to reality itself. The map is not the territory

  • Every behaviour has a positive intention. Everyone is doing the best that they can with the resources they have available. People make the best choice they can at the time

  • Behaviour is geared towards adaptation

  • Accept the person; change the behaviour

  • Behaviour and change are to be evaluated in terms of context and ecology

  • People have all the resources that they need to make the changes that they want. We already have all the resources we need or we can create them. There are no unresourceful people, only unresourceful states

  • Possible in the world and possible for me is only a matter of how

  • The system (person) with the most flexibility (choices) of behaviour will have the most influence on the system

  • There is no failure, only feedback

  •  There are no resistant clients, only inflexible communicators

  • Having choice is better than not having choice


Fundamental to the philosophy of NLP is the importance of process over content. Most approaches to almost any subject are primarily invested in content even though the process is taken into consideration. NLP at its core is interested primarily in process.

The content is only helpful in that it helps to determine the context in which processes occur. Focusing on process is what has led to all the NLP techniques and it is what makes NLP so powerful.

Another key aspect to the philosophy of NLP is that the answer to the question “why” is unimportant. You might be wondering why. Because of the focus on process and on the outcomes, it is considered more important to focus on what you want rather than on why you created what you didn’t want.

Knowing why, also doesn’t necessarily equip anyone to go create what they want. The big shift here is all about what thoughts you hold in your mind and where your focus is.

NLP believes that what you focus on is what you get.

Most of our thoughts and behaviours do not come from our awareness, they come from our unconscious mind. We use a wide range of methods and models working with the conscious and unconscious mind to establish how your thoughts, behaviours, values and beliefs keep you within your current situation.

We can then rapidly change whatever we need to bring about a positive change in your life, increase self-awareness, improve communication and change outdated patterns of behaviour. NLP is practical and extremely effective with rapid results.

NLP has a whole range of simple techniques that are fun, interactive and effective. I will start by exploring what you want to achieve, and what you are ‘doing’ currently that stops you having what you want, and then I can apply the most appropriate technique to bring about your desired change.

I use NLP in conjunction with other methods for the best results, dependent upon the change you are looking for. One thing is for sure, it works, if you’re prepared to make the change.

NLP has a strategy and technique to help with almost everything. Whether you have beliefs that are limiting you.

  • want to be more successful but don’t know how.
  • want to rid yourself of low mood, anxiety or phobias.
  • want to communicate more effectively.
  • wish to work through relationship issues.

and so much more, NLP can help.

Yes, it is totally safe. My highest priority is safety and ethical practice in everything I do.

Absolutely. I understand this might be a concern for you. You can be assured that everything we do in our sessions is in line with your outcome, is with your permission and is within your full control. The changes only ever come from within you, in line with what you want, so you have all the power! I am just your guide and assist you in facilitating the processes.

We all have different beliefs and want different things from a coaching experience. I understand that you may have never heard of NLP before and it can sound a bit puzzling to start with!

I will use advanced techniques that work with your conscious and unconscious mind to ensure long-term lasting change and the best results come from having an open and curious mind excited at the idea of the learnings and insights it will bring you.

I will never ask you to do something without your permission, although do expect me to stretch you and push the boundaries of your comfort zone to help you reach your desired outcome. That is my job!