Life Coaching

Life Coach in Dubai, UAE

Life coaching has gained immense popularity over the past few decades. The reason being, rapid increase in the number of people believing and willing to invest in this process, seeing the extent to which it has helped turn other people’s lives around. International Coaching Federation, ICF, which is considered the Gold Standard in the coaching profession, defines “life coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Through meaningful and thought-provoking conversations over a period of time, a life coach empowers you to deal with your personal and professional issues and helps you create, meet and exceed your personal and career goals.

One question I’m frequently asked about life coaching is, “How do I know that I need coaching?”

When you are going to make a valuable investment in yourself for a lifetime in terms of time, energy, intellect, and money, you need to be 100% sure whether you need coaching or not.

As a best motivational life coach, I can provide the top coaching services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and anywhere in the world by using online platforms.

Life Coaching

As your coach, I will help you:

  • Get clarity on your life
  • Discover what’s really going on within you and your life
  • Work out solutions to improve work, life-style, life-purpose, self-esteem and relationships
  • Get freedom from addictions and dependencies
  • Work out what you really want
  • Set goals
  • Create an action plan that will get you to your goals
  • Find ways around any roadblocks along the way
  • Celebrate your successes

A coach is like a personal trainer, sports coach, manager, partnership and mentor, all rolled into one. A coach provides time, structure, support, focus, and accountability. One of the most important skills of a coach is their ability to encourage you, validate you and help keep your thinking positive and in the realms of ‘I can’ and  ‘how can I’.

Live the Life You Barely Dare to Dream

  • Achieve big goals
  • Stay motivated and on track
  • More self-confidence, better time management, healthy stress levels, improved health and comfortable work life balance
  • Realise dreams, ambitions and life purpose
  • Replace old thinking with new thinking
  • Create new habits and release old habits
  • Find and change self-limiting beliefs which are often hidden
  • A journey of self discovery and learning to be ourselves
  • Find out what you really want and how to get it
  • Investment for life

Have you ever been so committed to change and then woken up the next morning wondering what happened to all that motivation and drive?

coach knows how to help you harness that energy and turn it into action.

Have you ever been stuck in one of those, ‘there’s no way out’ situations?

Have you ever been stuck in one of those, ‘there’s no way out’ situations?

coach will help you to think differently and find the best way out.

Have you ever longed for something but don’t think you are good enough, clever enough or deserving enough to get it?

coach will help you believe in yourself as you explore what you really want and then go for it. 

Have you ever wanted something, or wanted to change something – perhaps a new job, career or relationship – and then given up at the starting post because it feels all too overwhelming?

coach will help you to create a plan of action to reach those goals and to focus your actions on bite-size chunks.

Are you a good starter, but a poor finisher? Are you a quitter?

coach will challenge you and motivate you to achieve your goals.

“What the thinker thinks, the prover proves” – Robert Anton Wilson

Questions that lead to insights

During coaching sessions, as your coach, I will ask some focused and powerful questions which will help you to gain fresh perspective and new insights

Coaching tools

You will be introduced to a number of proven coaching tools that will help you to change, unblock and release old ideas and behaviors that are no longer serving you. You will have these tools for life and can use them to help yourself and others get fresh perspective on problems or dilemmas.

The difference between coaching and counseling

Coaching focuses on the present (things you don’t like or want to improve on) and the future (what you want) and then on finding ways to motivate and change so that you can get more of what you want. Counselling & some parts of hypnotherapy seek to diagnose and get to the bottom of what the psychological causes of the problem might be, often by delving into the past to find out what went wrong and then working on how to fix it.

(Since I am also a counsellor and hypnotherapist, I will recommend when and how to drop into diagnosing the problem, as appropriate)

Coach and Client Relations

In addition to my own rich life experience, I am professionally qualified to coach and hypnotherapist, which means I have learned and practiced a wide range of techniques and skills to best serve you. Beyond technical skill, I am committed to championing you all the way. Trust is built through safe, confidential coaching sessions. My clients often find themselves comfortable in talking about things for the first time. This is, for many, one of the long-lasting and meaningful benefits of having a coach.

Is a Life Coach right for me?

Your life, relationships or work don’t have to be in chaos to benefit from coaching. Some people come to coaching because they want to change virtually everything; some because they have a particular problem or goal they want support with; some because they want more out of life, or their relationships but don’t know what or how; others because their drinking, eating, exercising, gambling, or other ‘habit’ is getting out of control.

Here are a few questions you might ask yourself when considering if coaching is the right direction for you.

Do you want to:

  • Change your life but don’t know how
  • Find clarity, purpose and a new direction in your life
  • Find out who you are and unleash your strengths
  • Build up your self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation
  • Have the relationship you always dreamed of
  • Get freedom from unhealthy dependencies – alcohol, overeating, shopping, internet pornography
  • Start living your full potential
  • Get a handle on your busy life and find time for you
  • Have more time to enjoy your life

Are you:

  • In a job or career that is going nowhere and making you unhappy
  • In job that has taken over your life and you want it back
  • Full of ideas but with no direction or don’t know where to start
  • A procrastinator, time waster and an ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ victim
  • Overwhelmed, unhappy, frustrated with some area(s) of your life
  • In a relationship that has got stale and boring
  • In a relationship you don’t want to be in
  • Overwhelmed with your responsibilities and feeling unsupported?
  • Dissatisfied or disappointed with your life but not sure why or what to do about it
  • Are you stuck, or at a crossroads and don’t know which way to go
  • Fed up with having goals you never seem to achieve