Personalized Meditation Coaching


Meditation helps you connect with your inner self, to experience peace and clarity that exists within us, amidst the chaos of life!

Meditation Coaching?

Succeeding in today’s busy world requires focus, intention, emotional intelligence and self mastery. Your logical, analytical brain can only take you so far in honing these skills. To tap your higher potential to lead and succeed, you need to tap your intuitive brain. Let Brainlab help you chart an individually tailored journey inward and help you access your personal potential to:

  • Destress Anytime, Anywhere
  • Release Distracting Emotions & Thoughts
  • Set Powerful Intentions
  • Renegotiate Key Relationships
  • Reframe Success for Yourself & Others
  • Bring More Flow to your Daily Life
  • Reframe and Solve Programs More Easily and Effectively

of Meditation Coaching

In any coaching relationship, I will be focused on giving you greater insights and the ability to become mindful about what drives you and how to manage your personal energy. By integrating personalized meditations into our work together, you’ll find yourself taking bigger strides energetically, shifting more easily into the thought and emotional patterns that support you naturally and intuitively. This insight will help you generate new ideas and approaches you may not access otherwise.

of Meditation


These meditations involve continuous repetition and chanting of high-energy sounds, vibrations and mantras, which increase our energy vibration, bring us into a space of peace & tranquility & awaken the wisdom and compassion within us.


Thee meditations involve establishing a deeper spiritual connection with what we may call the universe, divine, higher self in order increase our faith, by moving beyond our mental control into a space of trust, faith and intuition.


These meditations take you through a beautiful healing journey by guiding your mind and body into a state of deep relaxation through visualization. In this tranquil state, positive reinforcement within the subconscious mind will accelerate the powerful manifestation process of our thoughts into creating an empowering reality.


These meditations involve focused attention and awareness on the present moment, by observing your natural breath and thought patterns until we are able to move beyond the mind into a place of stillness and silence.


These meditations involve incorporating an activity such as walking or a hobby such as painting or dancing through focused concentration where we move into a space of total oneness with our activity and away from the world of multitasking, in order to channel our creativity, intuition and stillness.