About Me

Hello! I am Areej kabra.

I believe that simply thinking positive thoughts does not lead to physical cures. I believe that you need more than ‘Positive Thinking’ to harness control of your body and your life. In fact, sometimes people who think that they are not great at ‘positive thinking’ become more debilitated because now they think their situation is now hopeless. My specialty is working with women’s unconscious minds where I can change their negative unconscious beliefs and re-programme my clients with new more resourceful beliefs.

I feel that when people go to school or university, they learn beautiful things like geography, history, and algebra but are never taught how to feel good or have significant relationships.

I am on a journey of continuous learning, improvement, and discovery. These days I am a very different person to the woman I was in my pre-NLP days. I enjoy a heightened sensory awareness of myself; my conscious self, my unconscious self, and my overall physiology. I am far more aware, energised and connected to others than I have ever been. I see, hear and feel things far more acutely and I have been able to fine-tune my professional skills in all manner of ways for real results. I believe that Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, and NLP is like an owner’s manual for how to use your brain; and I can’t wait to show you!

Happy Clients

I’ve been feeling lighter, freer, and more solid since our session-it’s fantastic! I feel more, on purpose. Thank you

Olivia Martin

I can only describe my experience as Amazing and life changing! I was able to make significant shifts and gained strong momentum towards the achievement of my goal after only ONE session.

Aysha Ali

She is an amazing and inspiring life coach. Every session has left me with very beneficial insight on how to better myself. Great listener and fantastic advisor.

Sara Ahmed

She is real,  kind, friendly,  self aware,  person centered mentor for anyone who wants to learn how to reconnect to their inner healer. I’m blessed to have her with me.

Amelia Jacob

I had an awesome session with Areej. I have never done Hypnotherapy which was new to me but it helped me overcome the challenges I had and I felt so fresh and Happy the moment.

Isabella George

Thanks to Areej I have been able to start experiencing life without anxiety for the first time in 7 years.

Diana Robles


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